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ZvBox™ 180 - HD 1080p Video Distribution

VGA and HD video distribution over easy to use coax

The ZvBox® 180 is the newest member of ZeeVee’s line of HD encoder / modulators. With an upgraded video processor, you can now have 1080 performance at a very affordable price, front-panel configuration and easy rack or shelftop deployment Tough-to-reproduce video like sporting events and scrolling text look remarkably smooth and clean.

Ideal Applications

  • Distribute HD channels in sports bars, corporate offices, stadiums and arenas, MDUs, assisted living facilities, collage dormitories, houses of worship, retail, and other commercial spaces, over existing coax
  • Distribute one digital signage player to unlimited displays. Just tune it in - no boxes required at each TV
  • Share HD video sources in a residential setting without pulling miles of cables or cutting into walls

Key Features

  • 1080p output for maximum HD performance at a remarkably low price
  • Simple front panel controls mean setup takes minutes
  • Fan cooled, rack-mountable chassis for worry-free installation
  • Closed Captioning capability with the optional ZvCC module
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